Frequently Asked Questions

We can tell you everything
about Telegram Services

1What are your methods to promote Telegram?
We have both real , fake and also targeted members and depends on your need to choose
2How long takes time to complete my order?
Normally orders will be done in early hour but depend on your service and amount may take 1 day to complete
3Do you have test Members?
Yes you can contact our online support in Telegram and request for test
4Does it your services are safe for us?
Yes completely safe for all customers and its about 3 years we are working to our clients without any problem
5How can I order your services?
You can see our packages and depends on your need choose one or more and customize your amount
1Can I earn money in Adby?
Yes of course, we have reseller program too you can reach us on contact page
2What is your Payments Methods?
You can pay with PayPal, coin payments such as BTC or ETH … , Webmoney, Skrill , Perfect Money and also pay with credit cards
3Do you need admin access or password for complete the orders?
We don’t need any password or admin, just send your link and see the promotion
4Can I cancel my order?
Yes you can send us request for cancelation before your processing
5Does the real members drops?
Actually because the members are real and may decide to leave may have some drop