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Buy Telegram Vote 

Telegram app is one of the best fascinating interaction and communication messaging services with the most adaptable features for all ages. However, it does not seem for Telegram has the intention of stopping to develop its incredible features. 

Telegram Polls are one of the fun and also practical features that were added where people could choose among two or various options to Vote and see the percentages afterward. People like to be provided with options to Vote for, therefore, since this was released people tend to use the Polls on groups and channels for almost everything from daily decisions to developing competition and campaigns. 

Telegram Votes even started to gain more weight and importance with solemn topics on business and professional careers or political issues debates in some channels or groups arguing about politicians. 

One of the most popular services in Adby is the increase in the likes of telegram posts (Telegram Votes). If you want to win challenge or telegram surveys, we can help you to reach your goal in Adby. It should be noted that all votes and likes are done by real members. Speed of delivering votes or likes depends on your choose. You can contact us after purchasing item and tell us about the delivery speed.

What is Telegram Votes

You should know that there are like posts and polls or questions and answers in Telegram app. These polls and like are possible with the help of Vote Like Bot and Poll bot. Most users have seen these multiple choice polls or heart shaped photos below the posts, local contests and Telegram challenges, or crypto polls. If you also participated in these competitions and need to increase Telegram votes or buy telegram likes, you are in the right place. Just choose desired amount from the above and go to checkout page and there tell us which option do you want to promote, then wait for win !

Telegram Votes

Telegram Poll

Buy Telegram Votes from Exclusives

Adby services for Buying Telegram Votes are of the best quality since we have gathered a team of the most experienced qualified managers. Adby is a leading provider in this area with many years of experience and knowledge. 

Real and Safe Telegram Votes

It should be noted that all votes and likes are done by real members on Adby. Therefore, it is not against any law or Telegram Condition Terms. Your Purchased Votes would be counted and kept with no risk to your credibility. 

Fast and Immediate Delivery 

If you are in a rush and care for every passing minute do not doubt that Adby services are the best places to Buy your Telegram Votes. The speed of delivering votes or likes depends on your choice, but it would be generated and delivered to you at a maximum of the 2 days for Buying 10k Votes. You can contact us after purchasing your orders and tell us whether or not you were satisfied with our delivery speed.

Support system 

A 24/7 support team is always available on the website you can contact us if you are developing questions on the efficiency and application of our services, how to Buy Votes from Adby, or any possible bug fixes and trouble while adding your orders. We will contact you and provide you with the best solutions. You can also take advantage of our client consultation system to guide you with your best deals for Buying Telegram Votes in order to achieve your goals and win your competition. 

FAQ about Buy Telegram Likes

How long takes times to add votes/ likes?

This service is fast delivery service. After submitting the purchase,  your order will be done in early hour. We will complete 1k of vote for an hour.

Buy Telegram Vote

Telegram Votes

What you need for this service?

In this package, the target Telegram channel should be public and we need the post address and your choice among the polls. No password and personal information are required. Instead, we always encourage our customers to avoid sharing their passwords or admin access

Is buying Telegram votes is safe for my channel or group?

YES! Because votes are from real members and we use safest methods and we use the safest methods hence, it would never endanger your account with a decrease and drop. 

Can I cancel the order after purchase?

Yes, you can send us a cancellation request before order processing and we would stop generating your votes as you wish. 

How can I order?

Shopping for services on Adby is easy and straightforward. Follow these steps one by one:

  • Step1. Scroll to the top
  • Step2. simply choose your amount of Telegram Votes among various packages,
  • Step3. Add it to the shopping cart and include your information i.e. post address and your poll choice to vote for.
  • Step4. After your orders were submitted you can sit back and see the promotion. 

Enjoy your winning competition.

Safe and Real 

When you are purchasing from Adby services to achieve your goals you are opting for the best high-quality services from a leading provider in this area. With an expert manager experienced in social media services, you would never regret your choice. 

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23 reviews for Telegram Poll Votes

  1. Sara

    thanks was nice. do you have more than 1k for vote?

    • [email protected]

      your welcome, for now our capacity for this service is 1k

  2. Eftakhar

    its Wonderful!

  3. Sunny

    i have a telegram channel and your members are appropriate for my channel. because it increases my channel popularity

  4. arthurIII

    thnks for services♥️

    • Admin

      Thanks sir

  5. mary

    i love adby

    • Admin

      Thanks, we love you too

  6. Jimmy

    best seller, thank you

    • Admin

      Thanks, you are the best too

  7. Aron

    Thanks , received

    • Admin

      Your welocome

  8. Samuel

    best service

    • Admin

      you are the best

  9. John henderson

    My rates to Adby will always be a 5start faster services smooth process

    • Admin

      Thanks for choosing our services

  10. Emma

    Thanks, best service

    • Admin

      Thank you too

  11. Alikhannnnn

    Delivered Members to my group. Love you

    • adby


  12. Alikhannnnn

    Thanks, best service

  13. vreyrolinomit

    Hello. splendid job. I did not expect this. Thanks!

    • adby

      your welcome

  14. Zal

    I couldnt believe myself. This guy is actual pro. I got votes in a minute. Superb fast service and legit

    • adby

      Thanks for your trust

  15. Latonya

    I truly love your blog.. Great colors & theme.

    • adby


  16. Arrimelve

    Received votes in seconds ! many thanks

    • adby

      Thanks for choosing our service

    • adby

      Thanks for your purchase

  17. zortilonrel

    This is the great service, I received my votes very fast

    • adby

      Thanks for your order

  18. Chisom RAPHAEL (verified owner)


    • adby

      Thanks for your purchase. I delivered your order less than 1 minute !!

    • adby

      Thanks for choosing our services

    • adby

      Thanks for your purchase

  19. Stephan (verified owner)

    Fast and delivered as promised, will come back for sure!
    Thank you

    • adby

      Thanks for choosing our services

  20. Komar

    I’ve already paid and won the poll thanks

    • adby

      Thanks for tour trust

  21. Adam

    I purchased fake members and delivered fast , thanks for everything

    • adby

      Thanks for choosing our services, you are the best

  22. sub (verified owner)

    very nice !!

    • adby

      Thanks for your order

  23. Sara

    I received my votes and won the competition

    • adby

      your welcome, always happy to help you

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