Telegram Public Group

May you have seen before that a Telegram public group has an ID and is public, in fact in the public group you can enter the group with an address like the channel address that starts with @ and see the group messages before joining And if you want to participate in the chats, click on the Join button and the ability to write a message will be activated for you. In continue you will learn how to create a public group and also learn how to turn a private group into a public group.

How to Create Public Telegram Group and Change Private Group to Public Group

If you have not created a telegram group yet, you should first create a group and invite some to your group and select the proper name and profile photo for the group. After finishing these steps, you should click on the group photo and enter the more settings part of the group and click the Edit option, or if you have an Android cell phone, select the 3 dot icon and then tap Edit.

Telegram Group

Public telegram Group

After finishing the steps we have mentioned, you should look for the Group Type option, which is default on Private, after clicking, you will enter an environment where you can put the group in public mode, and after selecting the public option, you should choose a username or address for your Telegram group, you can use numbers and English letters.

create telegram group

public group of Telegram

As you can see in the above screenshot, to convert a private group or create a private group, you must enter the group settings and look for the Group Type option, and then place the group on the Public option and set a username for that.

create public telegram group

Telegram group

Advantages of Public Group

  • Users can view group messages without joining in
  • Make your group visible on the Telegram search network
  • The group is provided with a short and more reliable address

If you have any problem in any of the sections of creating a public telegram group, you can share this with us in the comments.

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