Telegram Tricks: 4 Highly Used Tricks You Need to Know

Telegram is one of the main competitors of other social networks around the world. If you are a user of this social network, you might also like to use some useful tricks. Here’s a look at three very useful tricks out of the telegram tricks.

1. Disable message preview

One of the telegram tricks that can be helpful for you is to disable message preview. Displaying messages on the phone and the locked screen is useful but may not be pleasant for some people. Because anyone can read your messages. You can easily disable this feature in the telegram. Go to the following path and disable the option:

Settings >>Notification and Sounds >> Message Preview

Telegram Tricks
Telegram Tricks

2. Manage download of video contents

This telegram trick is used to save Internet usage. One feature that is enabled by default in telegram is the automatic download of pictures or video content. On the other hand, the telegram allows users to download files up to 1.5 GB.

Therefore, if you do not disable this option, your telegram may automatically download heavy media. To disable auto-download media, go to the following link.

Setting >> Automatic media download

3. Prevent unwanted additions to groups

This is one of the most important telegram tricks. You may not want to be unintentionally added to different groups. Select the “Privacy and Security option” in the “Settings” section.

In the Groups section, you can select “My Contacts” so that only your contacts can add you to a group. If you don’t want anyone to add you to the group, select “Never Allow”.

4. Completely delete your previous account and activity on the telegram

Among the telegram tricks, complete deletion of the telegram can be mentioned. You can easily do this by visiting and entering your mobile number. Of course, you have to go through the steps and you will be asked questions that you need to answer.