New Telegram Update : Categorize all contents

Chat Folders

If you have too many chats and dont want to miss important chats and save your time in finding necessary chats, Telegram in new version (Telegram 6.0) start introducing “chat folders“. In this feature you can categorize all your chats, for example separate family chats, work chats, school or university or …

For now Telegram users can include or exclude chats type, for example channels, or unread channels or one by one separately.

You can see folders in the interface of Telegram app when your chat list is long enough to start getting cluttered. Also, you can use this link in your app to enable chat folders.

Enjoy Unlimited Pins

Each of your folders can have as many pinned chats as you want.


unlimited pins

Chat Archives

Chat folders works fine to make some of your chats more visible. If you dont want show some fo your chats in your interface you can hide it easily.

Swipe left on every chat you want to hide, then move that chat to archived folder. When an archived chat gets a new message, it will pop out of the folder and back into your chat list.
On Android devices, if you are using folders in the past, swiping will be disable for archiving. Instead, you can long press on a chat to open the bulk actions menu where you can select multiple chats and then pin, mute, archive or delete them all at once.


unlimited pins

Desktop Sync

All parts and features of Telegram app will be synched to Telegram desktop app and you can enjoy this app in multi devices.

Desktop Sync

Channel Statistics

For now if you are administrator of channel with more than 1000 members, you can see all statistics about your channel and compare its data.


Channel Statistics

New Emojis in New Telegram Update

You can use new animated emoji and related emojis to nowadays situation about COVID 19 Virus.


New Emojis

Adding Voice Recording Animations for Android

In this update(6.0) Telegram added some fancy wavy animations below your finger when you’re recording a voice.

Voice Recording Animations

Stay at home, stay safe and enjoy the new update and features. take care of yourselves ????????
Source : Telegram Blog