How to Block Someone on Telegram

Blocking is a useful option in many applications, including Telegram. You might receive spam messages from unknown numbers or you may simply want someone or some account to no longer be able to message you or has connection with you.

In this case, you can block those numbers or accounts and they will not have access to your account and cannot call you or send you any messages.

The process of blocking accounts in Telegram is very easy.

If you want to block a number that has recently sent you a message, follow these steps:

  • Find the number you want to block it on your chat list
  • Open the chat page
  • You will see the Block option on top of the chat page beside the Add to Contacts
  • Click on it 

You can also delete this chat after you blocked the number. 

How to remove chat history in Telegram

  • Open the chat page
  • On the top right corner of the page, click on three dots
  • You will see some options including Delete Chat and Clear History

If you delete the chat you will not see it on your chat list anymore.

These steps are also the same for blocking any of your contacts on Telegram. The only difference is that when you open the chat page you should tap on contact’s profile and then click on three dots on the right corner on the top and then choose Block User option.

For blocking contacts of your mobile there is also another way.

  • Open the app
  • Go to menu and tap on setting
  • Go to Privacy And Policy
  • Tap on the first option Blocked Users
  • Here you can add a contacts to blocked list

In this list you can also see all the numbers and accounts you have blocked.

How to Unblock someone on Telegram:

If you want to unblock a user, you can tap on their name on this list and you will see the unblock option. Click on it and the user will be unblocked.



How To Find Out If We Are Blocked in Telegram

If you are suspicious of being blocked by one of your contacts, you can check some things to make sure about it.

If you are Blocked By Someone

  • When you tap on their profile picture you cannot see it
  • The online status of the contacts is shown to you as last seen a long time ago
  • If you send them messages there wouldn’t be second tick

How to unblock Someone Telegram

If you want to be able to message someone in your contacts list who has blocked you, there is a way you can unblock your account.

the simple way is to delete your account and remake it. This way you are able to message someone who has blocked you before.

Keep in mind that deleting account in telegram means that you lose every information, data, chats and every other thing you have had with your account. So to avoid this happens you can transfer your data to another number and then delete your account.

For transferring your information you need to follow these steps

  • Open menu on the app
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • Click on your number
  • Choose Change Number icon

Once you change your number your data will be transferred and saved into the new account number.

Now you can delete your account and rebuild it.