How to Create Telegram Secret Chat

As one of the most popular messengers in the world, Telegram provides many useful abilities for users to message their contacts in a secure space. 

In this article, we review some of these features that let you control your chats easily.

Telegram secret chat is a highly safe place to protect your data and information while sharing them with your contacts. 

All your chats in secret chat is coded or commonly named as End-to-End Encryption. This means that while using this feature, your messages will be transferred encrypted and no other device or server can access to them. This makes your chat space completely safe and protected.

The other efficient option in secret chat is Self-Destruct. This option gives you the access to remove and delete your messages after some specific time. You can set this time from 2 seconds to 1 week.

It also makes your messages unable to be saved or forwarded to someone else. This way you can make sure that you and your contact are the only two people who can see messages.

Telegram has claimed that secret chats are only accessible to people who use it and even Telegram servers have no access to them.

It also means that secret chats are only accessible on the device you have created them. For example, if you have your Telegram account both on your phone and your pc but you have started a secret chat while using your phone, it will be seen only on your phone and not on other connected devices.

Since it is a safe place for sharing media, you are not allowed to take screen shots while you are in the chat page.

Telegram Encryption Key

The final way that you can make sure you are having a completely secure chat with the contact you have started your secret chat with is that to check the Encryption Key.

  • Open your secret chat page and tap on your contact’s profile
  • Choose Encryption Key
  • You will see an image here including some codes.

If these codes are exactly the same in your contact’s device, then your chat is safe and secure. 

telegram secret chat

How to create Telegram Secret Chat

How to start a secret chat in Telegram 

In order to create a secret chat with one of your contacts, follow these steps

  • Open the app and find your specific contact
  • Open the chat page and tap on his name
  • Click on the three dots on the right corner on top
  • Choose Start Secret Chat and tap on Start

Now, when your contact becomes online you can start chatting.

If you want to set timer for deleting messages, follow these steps

  • Open the chat page and tap on your contact’s profile
  • You will see the option Self-Destruct Timer which is set on Off
  • Choose your selected time. It is a range between one second to one week.

Note that this type of secret chat or End-To-End encrypted chat is only applied to mutual chats. This means that there is no option to create a secret chat group.