How to disable telegram voice calls in android

In the new versions of Telegram app allows to users calls others peoples. in this feature may also call you and disrupt yo. But dont worry about that, because you can disable in feature in Telegram settings.

In order to disable Telegram voice calls, run your Telegram messenger app and go to settings.

According to following picture press the settings.

Then enter to Privacy and Security section

Voice calls

Choose Call settings and then you can see the options here which is include: My Contacts , Everybody, Nobody, Always Allow and Never Allow

Telegram Calls

Everybody : By choosing this option you allow to anyone to call you in Telegram

My Contacts: In this section only the people who have your phone number can call you

Nobody: By choosing this section you nobody cants call you and you restrict all people to call you

In the call settings you have some more options like that :

Always Allow : in this section you can choose a person or some persons to call you

Never Allow : If you are going to block someone to calling you, choose this section and specify that person or persons

So you can make an exception for receiving a Telegram voice call. Telegram voice call settings are not bilateral. So if you disable receiving Telegram calls from anonymous people, that doesn’t mean you can’t make voice calls with anonymous people. its good news for users

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