How to Bypass Telegram Restrictions

Many reasons can lead to telegram report, which is just one example of sending spam and harassment messages to other users . In general, the main reasons that may lead to the ban of telegram users are mentioned in below:

Send spam messages through the advertising bots.
Joining to illegal channels and groups whose contents is contrary to the Telegram laws.
Send over 100 private messages in one day to strangers.
Use unauthorized stickers that the telegram does not allow to be added to the stickers list.
Forwarding spam links, activating bots … which may harm other users.
Send duplicate and promotional messages to anonymous telegram users

Best way to remove Telegram ban

But if for any reason we got Report Spam how do we get out of this situation? There are several ways to remove telegram ban that we are going to describe best in this article.

Using Anti spam Bot

Our preferred method of removing Telegram Reports is the way we describe in this step. In this way, you should send a telegram request to the telegram via the official telegram bot Spam Info Bot and generally if you have a bad limitation your account will be released within a short period of time. Here’s a detailed description of how to use a spam boot bot and submit a request to remove the telegram limitation.

How to remove Telegram Ban

First run the spam info bot (@spambot) in your telegram account and click on Start to start the bot activity.

remove Telegram Ban

At this situation, if your telegram account has been reported, you will see a message similar to the above message that says your account is under spam reporting. Select This is a Mistake from the options below the page.

Spam Info Bot

Then Choose Yes


At this level you should select ” No, only never do any of this! “

Remove Telegram Report

At this level you will need to type a message to the Telegram Support Team explaining that your account has been incorrectly reported and we are now going to report that subject. Keep in mind that the content of your message should be great for explaining that. An example of text that you can use at this point is attached below.

Dear Telegram Support

My Telegram account has been spammed suddenly and I cannot send message to any contacts whom I don’t have their number, if I am the chat starter

Kindly help to fix the issue and remove the spam report

Best Regards