How to get Free Telegram Member without spending any cost

There are certainly ways to add free telegram member. Knowing these methods, you do not have to spend money from the beginning to add member. Here are some of these ways of adding a free telegram members.

Exchange groups to add free telegram memos

One of the best free ways to help get free telegram member is group exchange. This method has a great effect on increasing the number of members in a group or channel.

With a little time, you can find some groups that are willing to exchange and interact with their administrators and exchange members.

In this type of exchange, you place an ad banner from your channel or group to another group or channel to insert as an entry. You also place his banner in your group or channel. In this way, banner quality is very important and if it is of good quality, the result is good.

Exchange members to increase free telegram member

One of the standard ways to increase free telegram memory, It is the use of member exchange types, which is a subset of group exchange. There are three ways to exchange members: 

Exchange members by counting View

In this way, you and the channel approved agree on what time your ad should be inserted, and after the ad starts, how many banner visits should be reached to remove the banner. In this way, your banner will be of any quality, it is guaranteed to reach the desired number of visits and then be deleted.

Free Telegram Member

Hourly exchange of members

One way to exchange members to increase free telegram membership is to exchange members hourly. In this way the exchange for hours and time is agreed between groups and channels. 

For example, from what hour to what time are banners inserted? Banner quality is also important in this way.

Permanent exchange of Members

In this way, it doesn’t matter what time the banners are placed or how many visits. In this case, it is agreed that the banners will always be in the channel or group on both sides and should never be removed.