How To Add Telegram Bots Into Groups

In previous versions of Telegram, users were not able to add bots into any group or channel due to the disability of searching and adding by usernames. In the latest version of the app this problem has been resolved and you can add any up-to-date bot into your groups and channels.

Here is a simple way to add your chosen bot to a group in Telegram

  • Open the app and go to Saved Messages in order to type bot’s name
  • Type @ and then type the name
  • Send this message and then tap on it
  • Once you are in the chat page of the bot, click on the top bar. Now you see the bot’s profile
  • On the top right corner of the page tap on three dots
  • Choose the option says Add to group.

 In windows version of Telegram, once you are in bot’s profile page you see Add to Group option right beside Send Message.

  • Now select the group you want to add this bot into and then tap on Add


Now this bot is a new member of the group.

Remember that all the updated bots have the adding option and if there isn’t such thing for a bot, this is either because it is not up-to-date yet or the developers have disabled this option for the bot.

How to remove a bot from a group

Removing Telegram bots from a group is easy as well. Follow these steps:

  • Open the group and tap on profile page
  • On the list where you see the members find the bot
  • Click on it and hold to see Remove from group option
  • tap on this and then the bot is removed from the group
remove telegram bot

How to remove a bot from Telegram group

In windows version of the app: 

Go to bot’s profile and choose Stop and Block bot from the setting.