Transferring ownership of channels and groups on Telegram

As we know, Telegram is one of the most popular messaging app in the world. Because of the global usage of this app and the numerous subscribers who daily join on different channels and groups on Telegram, this app has provided many opportunities for marketing and business. One of these opportunities is creating channels or groups, increasing the number of its subscribers and selling it for different commercial purposes.

To reach this goal, after creating a channel or a group and preparing it for sale, you need to transfer the ownership of this channel or group to the new owner.

But even if you don’t tend to sell telegram channel or your group, you may still need to transfer the ownership of it to someone else.

How to Transfer Telegram Channel Ownership

Here in this article we are going to show you the ways you can assign a channel or a group on Telegram to someone else’s account. In other words, we discuss how to transfer the ownership of a channel or a group both on the latest and previous versions.

Note that once you have assigned the ownership to another account, you cannot withdraw it.

Also, consider that for transferring the ownership you must have activated the Two Step Verification on your app since at least seven days before transferring and you should also be active on Telegram for at least 24 hours through the device you are doing the transferring process.   

Transferring ownership on the latest version

First, we take a look at these steps on the up-to-date version of Telegram which has made this action easily accessible.

  • Open the app and find the channel
  • By clicking on the channel profile you will see an editing option displayed by a pencil icon
  • Tap on editing icon and click on Administrators option
  • Now add the account you would like to transfer the ownership to as an admin. This account may exist in your channel or may be one of your contacts.
  • Authorize all the permissions for the account 
  • Below the page you will see the Transfer Channel Ownership option
  • When you click on this option, you will be asked if you want to change the ownership. Approve it 
  • Enter your password. This is the same password you had chosen during the activation of Two Step Verification
  • Once you do all the instructions above, the ownership will be transferred to the new account 

These steps are the same for transferring ownership of Telegram groups as well.

  • Open the Telegram app and tap on the group you want to transfer its ownership
  • click on the name and select the Edit icon
  • Then go to Administrators and tap on Add Admins option
  • Now choose or add the account you want to transfer the ownership to
  • Give the account all the rights for administrative and approve it
  • Below the page you will see an option says Transfer Group Ownership. Tap on that
  • Again, you will be asked if you want to do this action. Click on Change Owner
  • Now enter your password to complete the transfer

Transferring ownership on previous versions

If you are using previous versions of Telegram you are still able to transfer channels or groups ownership. But this way you have to change the number of your account. This means that not only that specific channel or group will be transferred to the new account, but also all of your chats and information will be transferred too. Therefore, you will no longer be responsible for your account.

To make this change follow the instructions bellow.

  • Open the app and go to Menu
  • Go to setting and tap on your Phone number
  • Click on Change Number
  • You will see a message asking for your permission. Choose Change Number
  • Enter the new phone number
  • A code will be send to the Phone number you are going to give the ownership to
  • Enter the code to complete the transfer

Once you do this your account will be assigned to the new owner. As well as channels and groups ownerships. 


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